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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Half Dozen Year-End Tax Tips For Small Business Owners

Now is an opportune time to start thinking about year-end tax planning for your business. These six tax strategies, brought to you by the Michigan Association of CPAs, can be put into effect to reduce your tax liability come April 15....-MORE-

Does Your Business Need A Document Management System

Information. Your business depends on it. But can your employees easily locate the information they need when they need it? In most companies, documents are stored in a variety of places – on networks, on individual PC hard drives, CDs, and zip drives, in file cabinets and in desk drawers. To complicate matters, the people who need to access these documents are often situated in different locations as well....-MORE-

Investment 101: Teaching Teens To Invest

Teaching your children about investing develops important skills that will benefit them throughout life, says the Michigan Association of CPAs. A good time to begin is when your child is a teenager. Here’s how to get started....-MORE-

Gain Control Of Your Finances In Five Easy Steps

Would you like to start off 2007 on firm financial footing? By following these five easy steps, recommended by the Michigan Association of CPAs, you can gain control of your finances before year end....-MORE-

Tax Increase Prevention And Reconciliation Act

What You Need to Know. Although not as comprehensive as other tax acts, the recently passed Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005 includes important tax changes. Some apply to 2006 and others take effect several years down the road. Here, the Michigan Association of CPAs summarizes the most significant provisions affecting individual taxpayers....-MORE-


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